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Physical Characterization

GPC/SEC with Light Scattering Detector:

High Pressure DSC and Photo DSC:


FTIR Microscope:

Dynamic Light-Scattering Goniometer:

SCF Solubility Measurement Device:

Mocon Gas Permeability Measurement Device:

Thermal Conductivity Measurement Device:

Dilatometer for Thermoset Resins:

Moire Interferometer:

UV/Vis Spectrophotometer:

Fluorescence Meter:

Real-Time PCR:  The iQT5 Real-Time PCR System is used for nucleic acid amplification and real-time detection. Real-time detection of PCR products is made possible by including in the reaction a fluorescent chemistry that reports an increase in the amount of DNA with a proportional increase in fluorescent signal. The fluorescent chemistries employed for this purpose include DNA-binding dyes and fluorescently labeled sequence-specific primers or probes.