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Nanoscale Characterization

Inston Micro-Tester:


High-Pressure Ellipsometry (with hot stage):

High-Pressure-Surface Nano-Rheometer:

BIC Dynamic Light Scattering Goniometer:

BIC Zeta/Stream Potential Measurement System:

SEM: The Hitachi S-4300 FE-SEM is a powerful imaging and analytical tool for a variety of samples from material and life sciences research, as well as semiconductor disciplines. It can achieve up to 5nm resolution in imaging, when the sample is properly prepared. This capability, combined with its enhanced user-friendly interface, makes it one of the core research facilities within the NSEC center.

Cryo TEM:

Static/Dynamic Contact Angle Measurement System:

Dual Beam Optical Tweezer:

Size Exclusion Chromatograph: