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Mentoring Cohort

Mentees engaged in conversation during mentee training.Mentees engaged in conversation during mentee training.

Success as a graduate student is not solely a function of raw academic talent.  A welcoming work and life environment, encouragement, guidance, realistic goals, career counseling, early career advice, and other opportunities to grow and develop as an individual can be equally important.  One way to ensure these needs are met is mentoring.

The Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center (NSEC), with the support of the College of Engineering, is spearheading a Mentoring Cohort to enhance the educational experience of the minority students in the College of Engineering, Chemistry, and Physics.  

In support of NSF’s GRDS program, the College of Engineering has committed to initiating an overarching support structure for mentoring underrepresented engineering graduate students.  In particular, graduate students who come to OSU via the GRDS program will be treated as a cohort at the college level.  They will meet as a group on a quarterly basis, and be partnered with a graduate student already at OSU who can act as peer mentors.

A key opportunity for increasing the effectiveness of mentoring is to train both mentors and mentees.  The College of Engineering has agreed to help us work with the staff of the National Mentoring Center of Ohio to provide a program that will work well for our GRSD students and advisors.