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Education & Outreach

The cornerstones of CANPBD’s education and outreach efforts continue to be (1) the integration of cutting edge research into a practical curriculum for graduate and undergraduate students through CANPBD-developed courses, (2) educational and informative workshops and seminars in nanotechnology, (3) meaningful group activities that provide and foster a social fabric for our graduate students through participation in the Council on Nanoscience Graduate Students (CONGS), (4) guidance of undergraduate researchers through the REU program, (5) participation in community-based activities to encourage K-12 student exposure to nanotechnology, and (6) the annual nanotechnology workshop for high school science teachers. In reporting year 7, an informal REU program was organized in Summer 2010 in which 9 undergraduate students participated. Outreach to K-12 students and teachers reached over 385 students and 25 teachers in the past year through visits to center laboratories, workshops, and learning via hands-on nanotechnology modules. Evaluations have offered valuable feedback for improvement.