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2014 REU Student Posters

Eric Aviles-Garcia
Optimizing The Production of Micelles Through Electrostatic Spraying of Nonconductive Fluids Into Conductive Fluids

Carrie Gerding
Quantification of Forces Exerted on Superparamagnetic Particles by Magnetic Tweezers

Tangelia M. Hatch
Determining Surface Charge of Lipid Nanoparticles Using Gel Mobility Shift Assay

Denise Jones
Optimizing Conditions for Endothelial Layer Formation on Electrospun Scaffolds

Susie Lira-Gonzalez
Attaching Magnetic Quantum Dots to DNA Origami Structure for Potential Drug Delivery

Corinn Pruitt
Analysis of Cell Populations and Circulating Tumor Cells in Peripheral Blood

Kaitlyn Wolf
Electro-osmotic Gradient Generator for Micro-Fluidic Channels

Kaden Zachmann
Nanofibers as a Biomimetic Platform for Lung Cancer Cell Migration Studies